Bike Punk is a project that began as an exploration into different groups of cyclists but soon turned into celebration of; and response to the Anarchic nature of the 'tribes' that operate within cycling.

I noticed how throughout the history of cycling and in the different interpretations of cycling there was always a grass routes nature to how it evolved. Whether it was cyclists using critical mass to push their agenda or Mountain Biker's creating their own 'trails' or race tracks in the woods, the riders would very often solve problems or create new scenes themselves.

My aim during this project was to use the do-it-yourself attitude that cyclists have to make tools to give bikes more power when cycling on the road. It seems to me that the biggest disadvantage bikes had was that they couldn't communicate to cars. Adding to this many drivers could not empathise when cycling felt scary because of cars. To stop cars from tailgating me I decided to make a box which would light up if a car got too close to me and reveal and message saying either "You Prat", "You Fool" or "Back Off". I also made stickers which I would put on the back of dangerous drivers cars.

Finally I made a stencil kit so that riders could make their own cycle paths, as I don't believe there are enough in th U.K
Cycle paths in the U.K are often made very cheaply and are are very often not designed for the safety or convenience of cyclists but to keep cyclists out of the way of cars. I wanted to give people the tools to change this themselves.